A picture of me

About Me

Hello, I’m Kevin. I’m a software engineer. I’m currently a software engineer at Google. Previously, I was a senior iOS engineer at Scribd.

When I’m not coding, you can find me swing dancing both for fun and for show, drawing, or playing instruments. I can also be found DJing swing music around the Bay.


A full list of my projects can be found at my GitHub.

  • Streak Club — An iOS app for Streak Club.
  • Saguaro — An app that maximizes the calories for your buck at Taco Bell. Enter how much money you wish to spend and receive a list of food that you should eat. Try out a live demo here.
  • Itch.iOS — An iOS app for Itch.io, an indie game marketplace.
  • Strawberry — An interactive visualizer. Fun times with WebGL and the new pointer lock API. It won third place at the Fall 2012 Berkeley HackJam. Check out a live demo here. Note that it’s Chrome only for now--blame vendor prefixes for that.
  • Dragonfruit — I built this application to learn both Ruby and Rails. It’s a game where a picture appears on screen, you copy it, then you and your friends vote for the best imitation. Credit for the idea goes to David Mah.
  • Gala — Paul Graham asked us to build something cool when we applied for YC for the Summer 2012 batch, so Ajay Tripathy and I built this. Learn to program by commanding an army of robots in space!
  • Coffee — A web app for tracking chores, TODOs, and bills within a household. Likely won’t be finished since I discovered Goodmate, but it was a good exercise in learning Redis.
  • Read With Us — Upload an epub, then read it together in real time! Comes with a video stream and pretty page turning.
  • My Personal Website — How self-referential! This website is the result of me familiarizing myself with Jekyll.
  • Write Better With Us — We use natural language processing and machine learning to help people write better. You can save your documents, load them and edit them, and track statistics such as your Flesch-Kincaid readability level.
  • DJS — A real-time media distribution framework built on top of Node and Now. Serve whatever you want with no server-side Javascript necessary on your end. We also bake in support for public subscriptions and groups.
  • Nowtable — A Turntable.fm clone written in Node.JS and Now.JS. Listen to music together and upload songs for others to hear.


You can reach me through a myriad of ways. Choose any and all that are convenient for you.

I also have a resume available as a PDF.